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 Starburst Afghan


 ©Nancy Smith, NLS Stitchings, 2014


This afghan can be found in Margaret Hubert's book, The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, 2nd edition.  It's made using Lion Brand's LB Collection Superwash Merino, which is super soft, super light-weight, and gives great stitch definition!

This design can also be found in the same book as a single square.

Man's Cable and Post Vest © Creative Publishing International, 2014





This vest is crocheted starting at the front waist, worked up to the shoulders, then down to the back waist.  The trim around the waist, armholes and neckline are all done at the same time, so that when you've crocheted that last stitch, the only thing left to do besides wear it, is to sew the side seams.

The pattern can be found in Margaret Hubert's book, The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, 2nd edition.

The vest was made using Plymouth Yarn Alpaca Prima.

Reversible Strands for Men (and Women, too!) Free Pattern

           © Nancy Smith, NLS Stitches, 2009                  © Nancy Smith, NLS Stitches, 2009



 I developed this pattern for my crochet guild to use as a chemo hat for men.  We make hats for the local hospital's cancer center.  

This hat is limited only by your imagination!  One color, two, three, or four.  Your choice!  Later you can play around with the spacing between the cables if you wish, or leave them be.  Again, your choice!

The gray-topped hat is with the cable strands on the outside of hat, the blue-topped hat is the "smooth" version showing. This hat can be worn with either side showing.  Personal preference rules! (it's the texture that's reversible, not the coloring!!)

Made with Caron's Simply Soft.

available on 




Perfect Pocketed Shawl            Free Pattern


This shawl/scarf can be worn a multiple of ways - with the collar folded over, with the collar opened out flat, with the collar upside down, with the pockets to the inside rather than out.  Again another pattern where it's the Owner's choice! 

Published in Lion Brand Free Online Patterns.  Made with Homespun. You will need to register at to access their free patterns.









Color Twist Hat

Your choice of colors to be used.  This pattern has an interesting "twist" for the half-double crochet stitches around the banding to give a dimensional edge to the hat.

Pattern is published in Crochet Liberation Front First Ever CrochetBook. 

Crochet Liberation Front is a group from Ravelry. 


The cream hat is made with Lion Brand CottonEase, the peach/pink hat is done with NaturallyCaron' Country.                     

(NaturallyCaron' yarns have now been discontinued)






Free Pattern


This is a fun and quick hat to make using post stitches to create texture and undulating waves around your head.  Made with Washable Ewe by Debbie Stoller.



available at

                              © Red Heart International

                       © Red Heart International




My Team Forever Scarf

 Free Pattern


This scarf was tentatively named Simply Challenging at first because it's Simply made using single crochet and chain stitches, and Challenging   of your tension skills so that one color ends with the last stitch of the row, and the new color starts right off with the first stitch of the next row!


available at

© Red Heart International





Mermaid Tails

Free Pattern

"It’s not your imagination…this beautifully designed crochet mermaid’s tail hat is the perfect addition to your hat wardrobe. Or crochet it for a lucky gift recipient!"

A one-skein project that works up quickly.  

Available at



 Eugene Throw 

Free Pattern

Perfectly sized for a lapghan to snuggle into, and keep warm and toasty during the cooler weather. 

This throw is approximately 40" x 55", made with's Country yarn in Claret.

Five "panels" of wandering cables separated by cluster strands.  Made all in one piece though - no sewing!

Available at

(Click on the letter E in the alphabet links at the top of the page and scroll down one.  This particular yarn has been discontinued.)

  © Red Heart International




Team Cheers Earflap Hat

Free Pattern


"Crochet this hat and let the world know which team is your team! In fact this easy pattern is great for the whole cheering section to wear!"

This is a bi-color yarn so there aren't a lot of ends to take care of at the end of the project. That's how quick this pattern is!


available at



 Aqua Blue Scarf             Free Pattern

This pattern is my first for Caron International Yarns.  I just found it published on their website!  Yay!  :D

This is made with's Spa yarn, and it shows off crochet stitches beautifully.  It's a long scarf to enable you to wrap around your neck and still have some "chest" coverage rather than poking edges.

Available at

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                                © NaturallyCaron'

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